The ABCs of Vinyl Banner and Vehicle Magnet Care
Vinyl banners and Vehicle magnets can be a cost effective method of marketing/promotion. Magnetic signs are a great way to transform an ordinary vehicle into a "rolling advertisement" without having any permanent graphics applied. Without proper care, you could still be throwing valuable marketing dollars in the trash. Taking care of banners and magnets is fast and easy, simply establish a weekly and/or monthly routine. Below are some tips for taking care of Vinyl Banners and Vehicle Magnets.
Project Spotlight: Ben & Jerry's

Many clients have complimented us on our ability to deliver a quality product on time, and within budget. For Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Smart Designs created an eye grabbing cooler wrap and signage at the Scranton/Wilkes Barre Yankee's PNC Stadium plus a spectacular vinyl mural for their Mohegan Sun location.

     Ben & Jerry's stands out with their fun, colorful packaging and signage. To stay consistent with their branding efforts, Smart Designs deigned the layout while utilizing graphic and color tones that were similar to the Ben and Jerry's Web site and packaging.

How does my project go from idea to finished product?
Your project can only make it to the final print after going through a proofing process. A typical print job will go through two rounds of proofs. It's vital that you take a minute to review the steps to increase your understanding of the process.

We make every effort to accurately compose, lay out, and spell your materials correctly, and we take pride in doing so. However, a proof acts as a way to double check. Below are the basic steps of the proofing process here at Smart Designs.
Project Spotlight: "The Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya" Memory Book

Memory books are a great place to catalog and display pictures and information about upcoming events, for a past event, or as a "look back on the year."


Just a few of the many occasions for a memory book include:

Representing your business at your next trade show event or for prospective clients.

Preschool or grade school graduations.

Special events like "The Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya!" dance series.

Family reunions.

For local, community-minded groups to offer as a gift for new members of your residential or commercial community.   


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