The ABCs of Vinyl Banner and Vehicle Magnet Care
Vinyl banners and Vehicle magnets can be a cost effective method of marketing/promotion. Magnetic signs are a great way to transform an ordinary vehicle into a "rolling advertisement" without having any permanent graphics applied. Without proper care, you could still be throwing valuable marketing dollars in the trash. Taking care of banners and magnets is fast and easy, simply establish a weekly and/or monthly routine. Below are some tips for taking care of Vinyl Banners and Vehicle Magnets.

Vinyl Banner Care

  • To prevent rips or tears before they start, securely attach or mount your vinyl banner to withstand the elements. If given the option, mount larger banners on a wall to decrease wind resistance.
  • As the placement of your banner allows, a quick weekly or monthly inspection can catch tears before they permanently damage your banner. Patching small tears is affordable and easy.
  • Cleaning your banner regularly can reduce discoloration. Gently wash with warm water and some dish soap. Harsh cleaners can lead to faded colors and reduced banner. Always clean and allow ample time to dry before packing your banner away.
  • When storing, loosely roll it with the print on the outside and store it in a cool, dry place. Folding a vinyl banner can cause unattractive permanent creases.

Vehicle Magnet Care

  • Be sure both the vehicle surface and vehicle magnet are clean and dry before applying. When attaching the magnet, place it on a flat or slightly rounder service to be sure the entire magnet is making contact. Vehicle Magnets are NOT designed to work over moldings, indentations, or on a surface where body work was done.
  • Remove your magnet when traveling at high speeds. Not only will it be hard to see, but it can easily detach from the car.  Vehicle magnets are designed to be removed frequently.
  • Clean your vehicle magnet and vehicle's surface regularly to avoid damage to your vehicle. Investing five minutes once a week can make your vehicle magnet look new plus keep your vehicle rust and blemish free.
  • Properly storing your banner is a must. To avoid cracking or breaking, do not fold or crease your vehicle magnets.  Whether storing in your vehicle or in your place of work, never fold the magnet. Store the magnetic sign flat and in an area free of dirt and debris.

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