How does my project go from idea to finished product?
Your project can only make it to the final print after going through a proofing process. A typical print job will go through two rounds of proofs. It's vital that you take a minute to review the steps to increase your understanding of the process.

We make every effort to accurately compose, lay out, and spell your materials correctly, and we take pride in doing so. However, a proof acts as a way to double check. Below are the basic steps of the proofing process here at Smart Designs.

Step 1: Information Exchange Bring us what you have including all relevant pictures, text, etc. We'll go over your design project to gain a better understanding of your needs.
Step 2: Proof 1 After assembling the information you've provided and creating your brochure, memory book, etc., we'll present you with your first proof. Most commonly, a client will wish to make minor edits or sizing adjustments. In many cases, no revisions will need to be made. In this case, the next step will be to go ahead and start your final print run.

Step 3. Change Confirmation In this stage, we'll confirm whether or not changes need to be made. Once confirmed, we'll make the revisions and create a second proof including your changes.

Step 4. Proof 2 This proof will be used to make sure your original changes were made. Now the past revisions can be seen and approved.
Step 5.
The "Smart Smile" After all proofing is complete, your order will complete its final print run, and our clients have what we call the "Smart Smile."
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